Being Alive & Falling in Love

From Colleen in New York City

Being Alive & Falling in Love

colleenmessinaI have been singing and writing songs for most of my life and this is my first music video! Prior to meeting Ariel & Shya and reading their books, I would write fictional love songs of how I wished my love life could be. My love relationships at the time were not harmonious, as I would pick fights and prove that my point of view was always “right” – even if it lead to the deterioration of my relationships. I didn’t know there was another way of relating, until I read the chapter “Being Right Versus Being Alive” in the Kanes’ first book Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work. Immediately, I started to see where I was undermining my relationship with my husband, Jay. Once I started to see my automatic reaction of fighting instead of listening, I “tried on” the idea of “Being Alive.” And guess what happened?! I fell in love with Jay over & over again. It was so different & remarkable that I had to write a song about it. It was so sweet to write a real love song from my personal experience instead of from a place I didn’t know existed.

The video was shot in our home by my dearest friend Susan Finch. It was so supportive & easy having her behind the camera. Susan, Jay & I had so much fun. We found creative ways to include our cats, Pumpkin & Penny, in the action. Another dear friend of mine, Leah Schneeflock edited the video and made brilliant social media suggestions. And my superstar, sound engineer, best friend & husband, Jay Messina produced/mixed/mastered the music under the video footage.

I love attending the Kanes’ seminars in New York City and their annual immersion courses in Costa Rica. The experiences I have at their seminars, reading their books and listening to their Internet radio show Being Here are wonderful fodder for songwriting. I am so grateful for Ariel & Shya and this beautiful transformational community. There will be more songs & videos coming soon!

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