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woydwWorking On Yourself Doesn’t Work
The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life

Pages: 138 – ISBN: 978-0-071601-08-5

This acclaimed life-changing book shows you how to stop working on yourself and start living in the moment.
Available as a paperback, audiobook or ebook. Awards, Reviews & more Info

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woydwGermanLebe im Augenblick! – Verwandeln statt verändern

Pages: 160 – ISBN: 978-3893856442

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woydwGermanZhivi nastoyaschim

ISBN: 978-9854831138


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magicalrelationshipcover_lg How to Create A Magical Relationship

The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life

Pages: 216 – ISBN: 978-0-071601-10-8

Bring relationships out of the realm of the ordinary and mundane & into the realm of the miraculous. Winner of the Nautilus Book Award, category of Relationships/Men & Women’s Issues. Available as a paperback, audiobook or ebook. Awards, Reviews & more info

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practical-enlightenmentPractical Enlightenment

Pages: 166 – ISBN: 978-1-943625-01-7
Winner of Mom’s Choice Award Gold, Great Northwest Book Festival and INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist

Enlightenment isn’t a mystical state that requires years of effort to achieve. It is a practical lifestyle that you can have right now.

In Practical Enlightenment, Ariel & Shya Kane share a refreshing approach to living life without worry, stress or anxiety – a way of living where your past no longer dictates your present or future and you experience your own perfection. Through humorous and touching stories of real people in real life situations, the Kanes show you the easy way to live an enlightened life – no effort required! Reviews & more info

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Praktische Erleuchtung Praktische Erleuchtung
ISBN: 978-1530629602

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matchmadeinheavenHow to Have A Match Made in Heaven
A Transformational Approach to
Dating, Relating, and Marriage

Pages: 320 – ISBN: 978-1-888043-02-0

The sequel to the best-selling, Nautilus Book Awards winner How to Create a Magical Relationship, this book offers real, practical ways men and women can create harmony and happiness in their relationships, whether they are single or divorced, dating or married. It includes links to companion videos and audios of the Kanes working with clients. These mini-sessions allow you to feel like you are right there having a direct experience of those “aha” moments when a person’s life transforms in an instant. Available as a paperback, audiobook or ebook. Awards, Reviews & more info

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beingherecover_medBeing Here
Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment

Pages: 176 – ISBN: 978-1-888043-18-1

This book and audiobook (read by Ariel Kane) is a collection of stories that inspire, amuse, entertain and enlighten the soul. Touching and profound, the stories illustrate a new possibility for approaching life; one that produces well-being and satisfaction, where upsetting events – even death and loss – don’t have to affect one’s ability to have a brilliant life. Available as a paperback, audiobook or ebook. Awards, Reviews & more info

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Being Here...TooBeing Here…Too

ISBN-13: 978-1-888043204

Real, everyday stories that will touch your heart and transform your life.

When you are Being Here in the current moment…magic happens. Years of resentments dissolve, true love blossoms where it’s least expected, and ordinary moments become extraordinary. Award-winning authors Ariel and Shya Kane, along with folks from their international community, share inspiring true stories about life, death and everything in between. These heartwarming personal tales will allow you to enjoy the magic of Being Here…Too.

A sequel to Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment, this book illustrates how life can be easy and will support you if you let it. Your day-to-day experience of living can literally transform so that accomplishments come naturally and things you have strived to change dissolve all on their own.
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ITcd_smInstantaneous Transformation
An Honest Look At Self Realization with Ariel and Shya Kane
Running Time: 1hr 48min. – ISBN: 1-888043-10-5

When you hear Ariel and Shya Kane’s Instantaneous Audio workshop, it could dramatically change your life. The Kanes have found that the slightest shift in one’s reality can produce a quantum shift in one’s life. When that instant occurs, it is hard to say. You just suddenly realize that you feel lighter, freer, more alive and that you are interacting naturally and effectively with your present environment.

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artofliving_smThe Art of Living in the Moment: A Bilingual Adventure in Transformation. Ariel and Shya Kane Live in Hamburg
ISBN: 1-888043-12-1

Join internationally acclaimed seminar leaders Ariel and Shya Kane in a lively, practical, and down-to-earth conversation on the Art of Living In the Moment.

By listening to this audio program you will learn:

  • The keys to being in the Moment and having a magnificent life
  • The Principles of Transformation and how they can help you reconnect with your creativity, spontaneity and excitement for life
  • How to remain centered in problem situations
  • How to truly listen so you can hear what you’ve been missing
  • How you don’t need to fix your past to have a great present
  • And many more gems.

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roots_audioThe Roots of Satisfaction
Running Time: 1 hr. 22 min. – ISBN: 1-888043-01-6

By listening to this dynamic audio you will discover in yourself, the “Roots of Satisfaction.” You will learn to recognize and bypass the most common obstacles and misconceptions that get in the way of your self-fulfillment. You will also find out how to access and experience a state of well-being where life unfolds naturally and produces a profound sense of satisfaction.

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karmaCompleting Your Karma
Running Time: 1 hr. 23 min. – ISBN: 1-888043-07-5

This compelling audio will help you to discover how to neutralize and dissolve “Karma,” the lingering ill effects from earlier mechanical ways of relating and behaving. This highly effective workshop outlines the keys to maximizing productivity and satisfaction. As you, too, complete your own personal Karma, you will naturally have a less stressful attitude toward previously distressing situations, and a strengthened ability to be present in the moment, regardless of the circumstances.

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magical_audioMagical Relationships ™

Running Time: 1 hr. 51 min. – ISBN: 1-888043-06-7

Since their first date in 1982 and subsequent marriage in 1984, Ariel and Shya have discovered that there are fundamental elements for finding a relationship, and keeping it alive, exciting and new. At this special event, taped live in New York City, the Kanes discuss the essence of creating Magical Relationships. By listening to this audio, you will learn the keys that are of vital importance for getting ’em, having ’em and keeping ’em.

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moremagical_audioMore Magical Relationships ™
ISBN: 1-888043-09-1

Ariel and Shya’s audio event Magical Relationships was so powerful that people wanted more – so here it is!

By listening to these audios, you will continue learning the keys that are of vital importance for having all of your relationships be exciting, fresh and satisfying. This tape expands upon the principles of the Kanes’ dramatic, new technology, Instantaneous Transformation, in a way that you, too, can discover how to master having truly Magical Relationships.

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poft_audioPrinciples of Transformation
Running Time: 2 hrs. 26 min. – ISBN: 1-888043-08-3

In these cassettes you will learn the three fundamental principles that will facilitate personal transformation. During this extraordinary seminar, the Kanes explain and demonstrate their technology which opens the door to living in the moment. Listen to these audios and master the Principles of Transformation which will produce a quantum shift in your ability to be effective, productive and lead a highly satisfying life.

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