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Living Made Easy: Virtual Seminars

"The video seminar last night was re-centering and so much fun. I felt my focus shift from 'how am I doing' to 'what do I have to offer' and it's so refreshing!"
– Zoe R., New York, NY

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Being Here Podcast

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Now...Now...Now What?

Join the Kanes in Being Here and realize that as you invest in this moment of now, the answer to “Now What?” becomes obvious.

Living Made Easy: Weekend Seminars

Transformational Time & Project Management

Navigate life’s complexities with ease and satisfaction.

May 22 – 23, 2021

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Magical Relationships

Discover real, practical ways to create magic in all your relationships

June 26 – 27, 2021

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Transformational Moments Blog

The Kitten Chronicles: The Glug–Glug Machine

Our cat, Baby, is instinctually  a hunter. There are times when she will sit mesmerized in the window, tail twitching, watching the birds and squirrels…

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The Kitten Chronicles: Laundry Day

This blog is a little companion piece to our article of the month, Ring My Bell – Chime My Chimes. Laundry day just got a…

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The Kitten Chronicles: Crazy Cat – Weather Cat

When the barometer falls, some people’s knees act up or their arthritis flares. But for the two of us, we have a sweet and contented…

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Video of the Month

It's all Perfect: Heike's Coronavirus Journey Part 1

Heike embraces her life post-COVID, symptoms and all.

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Article of the Month

Ring My Bell – Chime My Chimes

I love doing laundry. Perhaps it wasn’t always the case, but for at least the last decade or two, it has been a passion of…

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