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Living Made Easy: Virtual Seminars

"The video seminar last night was re-centering and so much fun. I felt my focus shift from 'how am I doing' to 'what do I have to offer' and it's so refreshing!"
– Zoe R., New York, NY

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Being Here Podcast

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Oh No – There Goes My Mojo!

The moment you get upset, your Mojo goes out the window. It only takes an instant to find it again. Feel the magic of Being YOU in this exciting episode of Being Here.

Living Made Easy: Weekend Seminars

Being Alive

Effortlessly discover your sense of wonder.

March 24 – 26, 2023

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Step into your Brilliance

You don’t need to work on being brilliant, you already are.

April 22 – 23, 2023

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Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2024

A Transformational Adventure

January 2024

This immersion course into the magic of listening, communication and being in your life as it unfolds, is designed so that you can relax into the moment while being here for it.

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Transformational Moments Blog

Sharing My Wins

Lisy Christl and Benedict HoermannPhoto by Ernestine Hipper – 2023 Oscar winner for Best Production Design– All Quiet on the Western Front Celebrating at the…

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Kitten Chronicles: Cat Walk

Baby minces along the narrow beam as if it is a broad surface.  In awe of her balance, we watch her progress. A sigh of…

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Saying “Yes” to the Dress . . . and to Transformation

I am a newlywed, to a man I have known for three decades.  Let me explain: I met Christopher 33 years ago, and since then,…

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Video of the Month

A call to action

Colleen discovers what she thought was panic was actually a call to action.

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Article of the Month

Are you Aging or Getting Old

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw If we are going to talk about…

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Transformational Titles by the Kanes

These acclaimed books shows you how to stop working on yourself and start living in the moment.

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