Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment


ISBN: 978-1-888043-18-1 – Publisher: ASK Productions, Inc.

Throughout time, stories have been used to teach, inspire, entertain and enlighten.

Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment is a collection of stories that will allow readers to transform their ability to experience living.

We are all taught how to learn, analyze and improve, yet we have little training in how to simply be. Despite our many advances in technology, there is a gap in our ability to be satisfied, have peace and well-being in ourselves. Being Here uses stories to illustrate a new possibility for approaching life; one that produces well-being and satisfaction, where upsetting events – even death and loss – don’t have to affect one’s ability to have a brilliant life.

Touching and profound, the stories in Being Here form a practical guide to living a fulfilling life. They address such topics as forgiveness & compassion, following your heart, dissolving upsets and of course, the unlimited possibilities unleashed by Being Here.

The Kanes are masters of transformation, the ability to live in the moment and dissolve problems through awareness. Since 1988, they have inspired individuals and organizations across the globe, bringing people through the swamp of the mind, into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. Their transformational approach has a unique flavor that is designed for modern day circumstances and complexities while resonating with universal truths of the ages.

Available as a paperback, audiobook or ebook.

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2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards: Finalist, category of Self Help



2008 National Indie Excellence Awards: Finalist, category of Spirituality


2008 Beach Book Festival: Honorable Mention, category of General Non-Fiction


2007 London Book Festival: Honorable Mention, category of Non-Fiction


USA Book News Best Books 2007: Finalist, category of Spirituality: General


What Reviewers Are Saying

“Astounding…If you’re looking for enlightenment, then you need look no further than this book.”

– David Riklan, Founder,

“This little gem of a book injects all the ‘how to’ directly into the reader’s bloodstream, engaging the imagination….Its deceptively simple format–stories–cracks open amazing possibilities for transformation.”

– ForeWord magazine

“Prescription for the good life…recommended for public libraries…inspirational.”

– Library Journal

“A must for every self-help book shelf!”

– Dr. Maryel McKinley

“This is a book of ordinary everyday moments, yet profound moments, helping us all navigate our daily experiences with the resonation of universal truths of the ages.”

– Inner Tapestry

“An enlightened approach to the difficulties we all face in our life journey”

– Wisdom Magazine

“Ariel and Shya Kane have done it again in producing yet another masterpiece.”

– Love in Santa Fe Magazine

“Sincerely helpful….this book delivers.”

– New York Spirit Magazine


What Readers Are Saying

“An ordinary person’s guide to every-day-enlightenment. These moving, witty and life inspiring stories will stay with you long after you have read them.”

– Susan Donlon, Associate Director, Fortune 500 Investment Bank

“Like ancient Zen parables, the Kanes’ engaging stories remind me how simple, beautiful and fun life is meant to be.”

– Josh Pais, Actor

“I’ve read so many books in order to get IT. In reading the Kanes’ book, Being Here, a funny thing happened: IT got me!”

– Alisa Sher, College Academic Advisor

“I’ve had a lot of experience with ‘doing’ things to achieve a sense of well being in my life. Little did I know that simply ‘Being Here’ was all I needed!”

– Roderick Hill, Actor

“These entertaining stories have touched my life in profound ways, leading me to the moment time and time again.”

– Paula Serios, Marketing Executive

“So gently told, yet the impact is profound – this book is a gift to anyone who wants a magical life.”

– Elizabeth Ward, Costume Designer

“If you want to laugh, cry, feel your own compassion and humanity – don’t miss Being Here.”

– Johnnie M. Jackson, Jr., Attorney

“When I find myself upset, one of Ariel & Shya’s stories will pop into my head and instantaneously I am feeling well in myself. Never underestimate the power of a great story. This book is full of them.”

– Colleen Campbell, Loan Administrator

“Being Here is compassionate, entertaining and inspiring… a practical guide to living the life of your dreams.”

– Valerie Paik, Website Developer

“Being Here can Transform your life. Just let your emotions swirl and light a fire under your aliveness as you read about everyday folks that the Kanes have coached and whose lives are now magnificent!”

– Joe Cilmi, Yoga Instructor