An Immersion Course into the Magic of Instantaneous Transformation

Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2025
A Transformational Adventure

Course 1: Jan. 12th – Jan. 17th

Course 2: Jan. 19th – Jan. 24th

Both: Jan. 12th – Jan. 24th

This immersion course into the magic of listening, communication and being in your life as it unfolds, is designed so that you can relax into the moment while being here for it.

As your innate abilities manifest, trying to do your life “right” dissolves, inspiration blossoms, creativity arises and new possibilities effortlessly reveal themselves. This Transformational Adventure is an interactive exploration into the perfection of the moment and trusting yourself – a laboratory environment where constraints from the past simply melt away.

Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2025 will take place at El Tucano Resort and Thermal Spa, approximately 2 hours from San Jose Airport. This beautiful and gracious hotel sits over a thermal hot spring and abuts a virgin forest.  El Tucano has multiple mineral swimming pools varying in temperature and size as well as a beautiful river flowing with pockets of hot water.

A feast for the senses with lush surroundings and delicious food, this tropical paradise is the perfect background for you to rediscover and express your own true brilliance.

Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2025 will take place over 2 weeks – participants can register for either or both weeks.

Fee includes course, lodging, meals, transportation to and from airport. Does not include tips, airfare or night in San Jose upon arrival.

Note for 2 week participants: Saturday, January 18th will be an excursion day.


  • Participants must have completed a weekend seminar with the Kanes between March, 2024 and January, 2025 prior to attending the course.

Early Registration Discount Details

A discount of $250 (1 week) / $400 (both weeks) will be applied at the time of final payment to any participant who has: made a full 1/3 deposit by Wednesday May 1, 2024; made ALL subsequent payments ON or BEFORE each due date; completed all required online forms by the specified dates. (In order to be eligible, wire transfers must be RECEIVED IN OUR BANK ACCOUNT on or before the due dates.)

For more information, email the Kanes at


Make checks payable to ASK Productions, Inc. and send to:

ASK Productions, Inc.
C/O Joshua Blau, CPA
641 Lexington Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Due Dates

  • First 1/3 Due upon registration (for early registration discount by May 1, 2024): $1430 / $2820
  • Second 1/3 Due Tuesday, August 20, 2024: $1430 / $2820
  • Final Payment Due Tuesday, December 10, 2024: $1435 / $2810
    (Or final payment with early registration discount: $1185 / $2410)

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Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2025
A Transformational Adventure

Jan. 12th – 24th, 2025 | Costa Rica

Course 1

Jan. 12th – Jan. 17th

Course 2

Jan. 19th – Jan. 24th


Jan. 12th – Jan. 24th


1 Course: $4,295 / $4,045*
*Early Registration Discount: $250

Both Courses: $8,450 / $8,050**
**Early Registration Discount: $400

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Full payment is due by Tuesday, December 10, 2024.