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By Ariel Kane

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Through Shya’s Eyes

Shya said it again. Of course it was spoken in private with no witnesses except our cat Baby, and she can’t talk. Sometimes I must admit what he says is hard to tolerate.

Should I brush it off? Walk away? Stand and take it? Or do I fully embrace his words, the look on his face, letting them register, letting them fill me?

Leaning in the doorway, a slight smile on his face, eyes tracking my movements, Shya said it one more time.  

“You are so beautiful Ariel. I love looking at you. You are such a gorgeous woman. Do you know how beautiful you are?”  

Left to my own devices, the answer would likely be, “No.” But looking at Shya and borrowing his perspective, I see me and feel me glowing with beauty.

I love to see the world through Shya’s eyes.

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