About the Kanes

What is Transformation Made Easy?

Transformation Made Easy is a way of living – right now, in the current moment – where worries about the future and regrets and resentments about the past effortlessly fall away and life becomes sweet, stress-free and deeply satisfying.

A practical, anthropological approach to modern-day enlightenment, it has allowed millions of people around the world to experience a deep and consistent sense of well-being without working on themselves. Based in non-judgmental awareness, this gentle, powerful approach to living in the moment opens up expansive new possibilities in people’s relationships, family life, career, creativity and more. 

Inspired and facilitated by award-winning authors and acclaimed seminar leaders Ariel and Shya Kane, Transformation Made Easy is a practical skill set, a lifestyle for living well and a global community of people passionate about Being Here and being of service.

Who are Ariel & Shya Kane?

After years of diligently striving to improve themselves and each other, in 1987, Ariel and Shya spontaneously experienced the perfection of the moment and by extension, their own perfection. 

In an instant, their lives became rich, easy and effortless. Their relationship transformed from “normal” bickering and complaint to a loving, intimate partnership. This new way of living – directly, without stress, worry or guilt – attracted the attention of friends who invited them to speak to their companies, friends and families. These gatherings organically evolved into seminars, books, podcasts and other resources, where the Kanes began sharing this new way of life so others could catch it for themselves.

How do I get started?

By jumping in! 

Ariel and Shya have a wealth of resources for experiencing and expanding transformation in your own life. Their in person and virtual Living Made Easy seminars are fun, powerful and a chance to connect with amazing people from around the globe. You can tune in or subscribe to their weekly podcast, Being Here, or get 24/7 access to inspirational online content with their annual subscription program, Living Made Easy On Demand. Enjoy their award-winning books and hundreds of videos.

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