Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work

The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life

woydw-medISBN: 978-0-071601-08-5 – Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work reveals a revolutionary new approach that will allow you to reach a state of awareness and “centeredness” that in the past took many years to achieve. This book contains the keys to transform your life. It is a radical departure from the concept of working on yourself to bring about change. There are no gimmicks to learn, no rules to live by, or preset paths to follow. The Kanes’ Instantaneous Transformation® technology is about a change of states, a shifting of realities – which will produce a quantum shift in your life.

By reading this book, you will discover:

  • How to remain centered in stressful or challenging circumstances
  • A more honest, true and natural way of being that will allow you to be increasingly effective and
    satisfied in all aspects of your life
  • How to have relationships that are more loving, exciting and supportive
  • How to dissolve mechanical habits that rob you of spontaneity, joy and creativity


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What Reviewers are Saying About Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work


“A joy to read”
– Mary Arsenault, Publisher Wisdom Magazine

“The search is over! Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work is all you will need to make the transformational shift that can dramatically alter the course of your quality of living – for the rest of your life…This simple, yet profound book teaches us how to live in the moment. It is refreshing, truthful, sincere, authentic and written with insightfulness and clarity. I choose to give this book a rating of 10+. A must for the library of ever seeker of truth.”
– Maryel McKinley, C.A.D.C. Awareness Magazine

“Don’t let the title mislead you. This book is not about the futility of self-improvement, but rather about the effortlessness of transformation. The authors, Ariel and Shya Kane, suggest that all we have to do to transform our lives is learn to live in the moment. If we can be in the moment, what they call Instantaneous Transformation occurs naturally. In other words, a miraculous shift in the way one is oriented in the world happens instantaneously, by itself, when one surrenders completely to the present moment.”
– Kim Stevenson, Whole Life Times Magazine

“This warm, accessible book will illuminate and befriend your transformation.”
– Mary NurrieStearns, Editor Personal Transformation Magazine

“A great book which I so enjoyed reading!…. It inspired me to re-examine my life and my personal beliefs so that I now function on a much higher level.”
– Magical Blend Magazine

“This book is a must read. One to have on your bookshelf, to share with your friends.”
– To Your Health Magazine

“I strongly recommend this book. Ariel & Shya Kane are at the forefront in the field of personal transformation and have much to offer anyone who wants a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”
– Paul English, Publisher, Free Spirit Magazine; Southern California Spirit Magazine

“…shows readers a powerful method of self discovery that will allow them to be increasingly effective and satisfied in all aspects of their life”
– Common Ground Magazine

Book Review in Awareness Magazine, with Maryel McKinely C.A.D.C.

The search is over! Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work is all you will need to make the transformational shift that can dramatically alter the course of your quality of living-for the rest of your life. Unprecedented by far, this book takes an authentic look at transforming our lives, as opposed to changing our lives. Yes, according to Ariel & Shya Kane there is a difference between transformation and change-so vast is the difference between the two that one’s life may be completely transformed in a matter of minutes.

This simple, yet profound book teaches us how to live in the moment. What also impresses me about this book is the easy to read double spacing that is used. As a book reviewer and author, I have read literally hundreds of books and this is the first book that immediately drew me in, as my eyes relaxed I felt welcome to become a part of the experiences portrayed in the book.

Very well written, with an excellent award winning photo on the cover taken by Ariel Kane, I was enchanted by the intimate ambience that these pages portrayed, as if the Kanes were in my living room sharing tea with me while expressing with clarity the process of “Instantaneous Transformation”. This process starts with listening.They suggest that you read the book as though hearing it clearly. With an open mind, devoid of preconceived ideas i.e.: The Zen like “beginners mind” Hence, closing the door on our patterns or “perception problem” which has caused many to live life as though deaf and blind- frantically searching for the next fix me workshop, only to feel disillusioned later. By the way, the Kanes tell us that disillusionment is a welcome experience! When we know where we are, we are in a position for something long forgotten within us to shift and be free!

Awareness is another step in the process. The Kanes brilliantly state that “Transformation is an experience, not a concept, and that the mind can only hold concepts, therefore experiences devolve into concepts! This is why working on yourself doesn’t work – you must be engaged in your life and aware of how you are living; Change involves doing something. Transformation is a way of being.”

Observation and reviewing our prejudices are integral in the transformation process, as is the ability to delve into the truth of our memories finding out that many of them are fiction rather than fact. Forgiving allows us to “Birth in the present.”

The Kanes’ concept of “Instantaneous Transformation” can be summed up by one of my favorite passages in the book: “There is a modern day philosophers stone-Being in this moment-And what it does is transform ordinary, mundane lives into exquisite, magnificent lives.”

Ariel and Shya Kane actually “walk the talk”. They have generously shared personal experiences which inspire and touch the heart, enabling us to open our hearts to the loved ones in our lives who we may hold a resentment against, yet yearn for the closeness that is missing. It is possible to heal relationships and savor each and every moment. There is no good or bad. The burden of judgment, and old ideas may be left by the wayside, as we take up a higher path of love, as we bask in the sunlight of the spirit simultaneously being in the here and now.

This book is refreshing, truthful, sincere, authentic and written with insightfullness and clarity. I have definitely benefited from the experience of reading this book. I’ve learned the difference between decisions vs. choices. “Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work” taught me that “Choices are the expression of your heart” and I choose to give this book a rating of 10+. A must for the library of every seeker of truth.


What Readers are saying…


“Thank you for writing Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work. I work in a bookstore on the weekend and go to school (math/physics double major) during the week. I saw your book while working last Sunday. The Three Principles of transformation was written on the back cover. I read those three short sentences and experienced an instant transformation before I even opened the book! It’s just Thursday and so far this has been the best week I can remember. I’ve never experienced anything like it!! Thank you again.”
– Johann H., South Florida

“In an era of technilogical revolutions effecting how we work and how we communicate, the Kanes are creating a revolution in how we live.”
– Andrew Gideon, Vice President, TAG Online, Inc.

“As a licensed psychotherapist myself, I know first hand the foible of ‘working on yourself’ and appreciate Ariel and Shya’s articulation of transformation that occurs at lightspeed rather than over lifetimes.”
– Geralyn Gendreau

“The clarity and focus I have attained by being exposed to the Kanes makes the difference between life and death when leading my men down a smoke-filled hallway, searching for people trapped by fire. I feel extremely fortunate to have met them.”
– Mike Donlon, Chief, New York City Fire Department

“As a physicist, I don’t know how they do it, but my life has been transformed by being around the Kanes. When serious life events come up – prostate cancer, my son disabled by a brain tumor, losing a job due to downsizing – I have been able to remain on-center and engaged in my life, not a victim. The Kanes’ approach to living has had a dramatic impact on my happiness and effectiveness. I highly recommend their seminars and their new book which explains their transformational technique to everyone.”
– William R. Ellis, PhD, Vice President, Advanced Technology, Raytheon

“The Kanes create a miraculous space where I quit worrying. Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work has allowed me to rediscover my passion for life and my ability to have fun.”
– Ellen Jackson, Loving Mother and Wife

“I continue now in a state of amazement at the possibilities in Transformation and in awe of, and love for, you both. I’m so glad mum bought your book a year ago! And Thank you for writing it!”
– Menna V., Cambridge England

“I received Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work on Friday and read it over the weekend. Once again, a book written by Ariel and Shya that I couldn’t put down. It’s such an inspiration to read their words and Shya’s story of his Mother filled me with emotions. He has certainly helped so many of us as his Mother had mentioned he would do. I love their work and it will always be a part of my life. They both have given me an incredible gift of the meaning of living and experiencing LIFE while living in the moment. I’m very thankful to both of them. ”
– Debbie S. Glendale, CA

“Today’s inspirational message from was an excerpt from your book, Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work, A Book About Instantaneous Transformation. The word “instantaneous” in the title of your book caught my attention, as I have spent many years focused on transforming my life. The idea of doing what is in front of me to do, with as much enthusiasm as possible, is just what I needed to hear today. Your words are uplifting and inspirational!”
– P. Welch, June 18, 2003

“What the Kanes have to offer is so very simple…and yet so very profound. In the garden of all the flowers for personal transformation, and I have sampled many, this is the Rose. With great love and respect, the Kanes offer keys to awareness like no one else I have ever met. Their work is remarkable.”
– Johnnie M. Jackson, Jr.