A song for you!

from Andrea W. in Basel, Switzerland

A song for you!


Dearest friends from all over the world,

After the weekend workshop “The Freedom to Breathe Art of Being a Healer” earlier this month I got the chance to record one of my newest songs with Leah Curney Schneeflock in New York.

I wrote the song “Lucky and Free” a few months ago and always had a second voice that would sing in harmony in my head. I texted Leah and asked her if she would sing with me and she said yes!! (Leah, thank you so much for singing with me and being such a yes. You are very inspiring!)

So the Monday after the workshop we met at Jay Messina‘s home studio in Manhattan and did the recording. Before transformation, the recording process was always a struggle for me. I thought about it weeks and months in advance. Thoughts like “on the recording day everything has to be perfect” or “don’t make any mistakes, it will be recorded” put a big pressure on myself.

But after experiencing “The Freedom to Breathe Art of Being a Healer” weekend the pressure was gone. The weekend was full of relaxing moments, I spent time with my friends, I felt good in my body and I totally forgot about the recording session that was coming up. On the morning the recording took place everything went smoothly and we laughed a lot. Transformation is such an amazing gift!

“Lucky and Free” is a song I want to give to people as a gift. I am so lucky to live a life I never dreamed of and this song is a “thank you” to everyone who is a part of my life.

Just click here and you can download the song to your computer for free (you can listen to it on your mobile too, but downloading only works on the computer).

Leah also created a beautiful video with the lyrics of the song:

Thank you all for being in my life. I want to invite you to start the new year with transformation on January 2nd at the Transformation in the New Year special Monday Night Alive! evening in NYC or on January 3rd at the International Teleseminar in Europe.

Lots of love,

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Thank you so much for this beautiful gift! So cool to hear about the collaboration behind it also. Your voice and Leah’s together are heavenly! Thank you so much. Best wishes for a wonderfully lucky, free and prosperous New Year!
Much love

Thank you, dearest Isabelle! I am so happy you love it:-) Happy new year to you too and see you soon again! Love, Andrea

Love the harmonies! ???????????lovey ladies!!!!!!