Through Shya’s Eyes

By Ariel Kane

Through Shya’s Eyes

Shya said it again. Of course it was spoken in private with no witnesses except our cat Baby, and she can’t talk. Sometimes I must admit what he says is hard to tolerate.

Should I brush it off? Walk away? Stand and take it? Or do I fully embrace his words, the look on his face, letting them register, letting them fill me?

Leaning in the doorway, a slight smile on his face, eyes tracking my movements, Shya said it one more time.  

“You are so beautiful Ariel. I love looking at you. You are such a gorgeous woman. Do you know how beautiful you are?”  

Left to my own devices, the answer would likely be, “No.” But looking at Shya and borrowing his perspective, I see me and feel me glowing with beauty.

I love to see the world through Shya’s eyes.

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So beautiful!
Thank you!

My dear Ariel and Shya,

with this magical “receipt” its not a secret that you re able to share 40 years of magical relationship
together !
This to see and to check by myself brings me goosebombs and very lovely and warmly feelings about.

So thank you very much for inspiring me and also such a lot of people around the world with this kind of behaving and living !

Make love – not war….in the 70ies the slogan against the Vietnam War is more actual than ever.

So keep your love alive and lets keep our love alive around the world !

your truly


Beautiful ? Thank you so much for this blog!!!!