The Kitten Chronicles: Oh, There You Are!

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: Oh, There You Are!

I wonder if this is how my mother felt. Of course, Baby is not a child, but when I hear Shya interact with her, I smile.

My mom always seemed inordinately pleased that I was “daddy’s girl.” When he’d come home from work, she would encourage my dad to go outside and play with me rather than sit down and fill her in on his day or take the time to find out about hers. She always smiled when Dad and I cuddled, too.

On a recent Sunday morning, Shya and I were in the kitchen preparing food for the week. Eventually, he needed a break and excusing himself, Shya went to lay down in our guest bedroom. As I was peeling the garlic, I heard Shya speaking with Baby. 

“Oh, there you are! You’re on my bed. Well I’m coming to lay down with you.”

I frequently hear him speaking with her and it’s always so sweet and intimate. 

“Oh hello baby girl, you are so pretty! Aren’t you pretty? What a beautiful girl you are – you are so sweet.”

And in those moments, I know they are both well taken care of, loved and happy. If Shya could purr, I’m sure he would.

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