The Kitten Chronicles: Crazy Cat – Weather Cat

By Shya Kane

The Kitten Chronicles: Crazy Cat – Weather Cat

When the barometer falls, some people’s knees act up or their arthritis flares. But for the two of us, we have a sweet and contented cat that suddenly goes crazy. For no apparent reason Baby will suddenly start yowling. She’ll scurry from place to place then crouch down, tail twitching, whiskers a quiver. She’ll race up and down the circular stairs and jump up to look out the window. Sometimes she looks like a jerky windup toy as she scuttles around, facing one direction then the next.


The first time this happened it was as if Baby spontaneously became possessed. What we came to discover was this behavior happens during the calm before a storm. Soon it isn’t just her tail that lashes or Baby that howls – it’s the wind. Sometimes thunder booms or rain pelts down or snow begins to drift.

It’s as if Baby can feel something coming for which she had no proof. As soon as the actual storm moves in, she generally calms down.

Now, when apparently out of nowhere Baby gets agitated and runs around, voicing her discontent, we consult our weather app and sure enough, weather is on the way.

We enjoy our contented cat. But we also love how animated Baby becomes when she is our crazy cat–weather cat.

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