Thank You – That Was Fun!

By Shya Kane

Thank You – That Was Fun!

I went on a fishing trip up to a remote area in Canada, about an hour’s ride by helicopter south and west of Juneau, Alaska. Ariel wasn’t with me on this particular venture so mornings and evening meals were with the host family, guides and other guests.

One night the wife of one of the guides turned to me and asked, “What do you and Ariel do for fun?”

Many answers were possible and perhaps they expected me to say something like, “we ride bikes,” or perhaps “we go to the movies once a week” (neither of which we did). Instead I replied in a rather cheeky manner:

“We have sex. Lots of sex.”

I don’t know what drew me to answer this way. I do know that the folks there didn’t seem to have a lot of fun – in bed or out.

To tell you the truth, I found it an odd question – albeit one that may be commonly asked. Embedded in the question is the idea that some activities are fun and others are “work,” “a drag” or something to get over with in order to get on to something fun.

After I got home from this trip, I engaged in what came next in my life. I had fun unpacking. It felt good to get that done right away so that I didn’t have to live with half unpacked bags for a week. I had fun cutting wood and stacking it for winter. I enjoyed vacuuming and yes, having sex, too. I also got involved with replacing the drawer slides in the kitchen. Our silverware drawer and the two others had been bouncing back open whenever I slid them closed so I always felt as if I was endlessly pushing on them each time I passed by.

In the middle of my drawer slide project, I realized I could use some assistance. I called out, “Ariel can you give me a hand?”

“Be right there,” she replied, as she wound her way down the circular stairs from the office where she had been immersed in projects of her own.

She passed me the drill, the light and the electric screwdriver as needed. Ariel held things steady so I could drill the holes. She helped slide the drawer in it’s new and improved slide and success was ours! Then she made us a snack of Manchego cheese and Honeycrisp apple wedges.

“Call me again when you’re ready for help with the next drawer,” she said, as she returned to the office.

Soon I called her back again and we completed the project together. I didn’t feel as if I was bothering her, or interrupting her day. As I stood and played with the completed drawers, opening and closing them to my delight, I got the answer to the question about what we do for fun. Before Ariel moved off, she kissed me on the neck saying, “thank you – that was fun!”

Anything you do as if it is your idea, anything you invest in, moves from being a chore to something you enjoy.

What do we do for fun? Everything.

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Thank you – Reading this article was fun! (I also enjoyed the picture of your shiny clean kitchen drawer!)

Many thanks for sharing this!?

Love this article! Also very glad to be attending the FUN as the Access Way to Enlightenment seminar this weekend! 🙂