My Transformational Journey

By Corinne McCormack

My Transformational Journey

I have always thought of myself as a healthy person. When I was 19 and in college, I studied philosophy and yoga because I believed that both a healthy mind and body were important. I am now 68 and I have continued to pursue keeping my mind and body in the best shape possible.  I have regularly attended Ariel and Shya Kanes’ seminars for the last 17 years (transformation for every aspect of my life) and yoga with consistency for the last 10 years (transformation for my body.)

So when I had a mammogram back in December of 2021, I was confident the results would be normal and I would be “healthy”. I was surprised to hear the doctors wanted me to have a biopsy on my right breast. I wasn’t worried though. Years ago I had a biopsy on my other breast and it was benign. 

Then, after having the procedure, I realized this time could be different. But I also knew that by engaging in what was in front of me, I could bypass my tendency to worry while waiting for the results. Of course, I had my moments, but I simply got on with living my life rather than getting lost in worry and the resulting panic worrying can produce.

In mid-January I received the results of the biopsy: I had breast cancer. 

A diagnosis of breast cancer was not what I expected and it was certainly not what I wanted. I didn’t panic – and neither did my husband George. We immediately started down the path of finding a doctor and getting the right treatment. Notice I said “we”. George and I truly were a team.

We were referred to 2 doctors. The first, a surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), gave us an appointment quickly. Our “plan” was to meet this surgeon and then see the other doctor for a second opinion. But when we met her, we both knew she was the one. I immediately said yes to having her as my surgeon and we followed her guidance throughout the process. The surgery and the radiation treatment were successful and I feel very fortunate. 

In my transformational journey, I have learned to listen to my body. If I am tired, I rest. Despite my mind thinking I should do more; I am able to see what is appropriate. 

During my recovery I watched a lot of mindless TV and became a big fan of Survivor reruns. Looking back, I see that the title of Survivor was important to me in more ways than I realized!

A few weeks ago, I was completing a survey from the hospital about my experience. I had received surveys from them before but I always answered the questions in a perfunctory manner. This time was different.

In the questionnaire were the following questions:

“How often have you been bothered by not being able to stop or control worrying?” 

“How often have you been bothered by feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge?”

After reading those questions I stopped and sat back in my chair. Wow. I hadn’t been bothered. I hadn’t been nervous, anxious or on edge. I didn’t experience out of control worry either. As I mentioned I had my moments but with Transformation in my pocket, so to speak, I found my center again in an instant. 

Not only am I now cancer free. I am transformed.

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Hi Corinne,
Thank you for sharing this journey! I’m very happy for you – and George. So great how you teamed up!
Warm wishes,

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Transformation & you rock!