Inspiration at the Manhattan Meetup

from Holly & Eric

Inspiration at the Manhattan Meetup

Dear Friends,

This past Monday night, we hosted a Say YES to Your Life! Manhattan meetup called “Your Life as a Date”. What a pleasure it was having the opportunity to ‘date’ 32 people. We felt supported by an amazing group. There was a natural and seamless quality to how people shared their experience of listening and transformation.

There were so many gems to choose from, but one that comes to mind in this moment is when one of the participants talked about how expansive she feels when people listen to her. She sees listening as a real gift, one that she wants to give to others. Another person shared how, after attending the Intimacy workshop several years ago, she was able to be with her grandmother as she was dying. It was easy for her to listen to her grandmother tell the same story more than once, experience her emotions, and enjoy being with her.

The evening easily transitioned into a discussion of the upcoming Intimacy workshop and those who were not already registered were invited to attend.

A fellow from Northern California who was visiting New York City found us on the Meetup site. We gave him a card about Ariel & Shya’s radio show Being Here and a copy of How to Have a Match Made in Heaven. He returns to NY regularly and we invited him to attend other events.

An actress who participated in the Speak Up! course led by Ariel Kane and Susan Finch two years ago, and is a former student of Susan, felt safe enough to be vulnerable and share her thoughts on wanting to do her life perfectly and not wanting to look stupid. We asked everyone if they ever fear looking stupid or feel a need to be perfect. All 32 hands were raised!

Colleen Paul

Another woman who attended the last Monday Night Alive! was excited to be reading her copy of How to Have a Match Made in Heaven.

Next week’s meet up is titled “Unbridled Enthusiasm”, led by Colleen and Paul. We look forward to seeing you there!

Much love,
Holly and Eric

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The Meetup was fabulous — Eric and Holly hosted some wonderful transformative dates we all had with each other in the same room; dating being sharing and listening and being with each other.
Bravo and much heartfelt thanks,
Valerie (NYC)

It was an inspiring Meetup! Looking forward to seeing folks at tomorrow’s “Unbridled Enthusiasm” Meetup.