You are innately a healer – discover your untapped potential

Discover the Healer in You

November 6 – 7, 2021 | Living Made Easy: Virtual Weekend Seminar

“When you engage fully in the moment, pain, discomfort and stress dissolve – in an instant.” – Ariel & Shya Kane

Regardless of our vocations or roles in life, we all have the innate ability to heal and to be a healing presence for those around us. Want to access your inner healer? In this gentle, powerful course, Ariel and Shya Kane share their modern day approach to living in the moment – Instantaneous Transformation – which has supported millions of people world-wide in dissolving pain and stress without working on themselves or their “problems.” An introduction to ShyaWork, a profoundly simple and revolutionary approach to healing, this online weekend retreat is a laboratory environment which will bring you in touch with your own natural talent as a healer.

In this seminar, you will

  • Effortlessly dissolve physical and emotional tension
  • Experience freedom from stress, worry and anxiety
  • Learn practical tools for having well-being with consistency
  • Discover the healing power of your presence
  • Strengthen your ability to bypass your critical thoughts and access the current moment
  • Come away rejuvenated


Discover the Healer in You

Nov. 6 – 7, 2021 | Living Made Easy: Virtual Weekend Seminar

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