Being Here…Too – Kindle Giveaway

Being Here…Too – Kindle Giveaway

Dear Friends,

Our new book Being Here…Too, Short Stories of Modern Day Enlightenment will be available on November 12th, 2018, and to celebrate we are giving away three free copies of the Kindle version!

Want to enter to win? Just post a review of our podcast Being Here on iTunes before Wednesday, November 7th. We’ll select three winners at random and announce their names during our live broadcast of Being Here that day at 12pm ET! (Can’t listen live? No problem – you can hear if you won when the show is archived. Episodes are available in the archives within 24 hours.)

If you’re familiar with how to write a review on iTunes, CLICK HERE to post yours now! (If your browser opens iTunes Preview, click the blue “View in iTunes” button below the Being Here picture.) 

If you need some support with posting your review, below is a step by step tutorial for both desktop and mobile devices:

How to Write an iTunes Review on a Mac or PC:


1) Open up the iTunes Store.


2) In the search box, type Being Here.


3) Click on Being Here in the search results and you will be taken to the show’s iTunes page.


4) On the Being Here iTunes page, choose “Ratings and Reviews” from the top navigation.


5) Click the button, “Write a Review.” (If you’re not signed in yet, Apple will prompt you to sign in.)


6) Write your review and click “Submit.”


How to Write an iTunes Review on an iPhone


1) Open up the Podcasts app on your iPhone.

2) Tap the “Search” button in the bottom navigation.

3) Type in Being Here, and select it from the search results.

4) On the Being Here podcast page, scroll down until you see “Ratings & Reviews” – tap “Write a Review”

5) At the top, tap the number of stars to rate the show, then write your review and tap “Send.”



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