An “Unreasonable” Invitation from Menna in Cambridge, UK

An “Unreasonable” Invitation from Menna in Cambridge, UK

menna-blueI’m very excited to be coming to NYC for Transformation in the Workplace this month! I’m flying in from England and, especially since I’ll be going to the Money, Success & Happiness seminar two weeks later in Hamburg, this is not a “reasonable” thing for me to do. Last year, when I went to Transformation in the Workplace, I said that I’d like to earn more money so I could go to more US seminars and, happily, I can say that it’s happening.

I’ve been attending Transformational seminars for nearly 11 years now and, in that time, I’ve gone from being a part-time waitress and wannabe writer to becoming a full-time writer and teacher. I achieved my dream of becoming a publisher author after attending my very first ever US workshop and I do believe that it was the unreasonableness of doing this (along with the amazing workshop itself) that inspired and empowered me to write my first novel, in just two weeks, upon returning home. That book has since been translated into 26 languages – and that was after 10 years of just wanting to write but never getting past the first few chapters of anything. Which just goes to show the power of Transformation!

After becoming a fairly successful author, I didn’t have any other plans and, honesty, for the life of me would never have thought of teaching – having always preferred to write my words rather than speak them and public speaking was far outside my comfort zone! So, when Ariel & Shya suggested it at last year at the Transformation in the Workplace seminar, I was ever-so-slightly horrified. But, since I know they see possibilities in me I don’t see for myself, I started to practice, running small online writing workshops. It soon grew so I was teaching much bigger in-person classes and, amazingly and perhaps unsurprisingly enough, I quickly discovered that I absolutely LOVE teaching! My students love my teaching too ☺

So, on Tuesday, September 22, after Transformation in the Workplace, I’m teaching an evening Writing Made Easy & Fun class and, I can promise you, it’s going to be amazing! My classes are always lots of fun and very inspiring, and always even more so when we’ve all done a weekend transformational seminar beforehand!

I invite you to join me for both events and, if that sounds unreasonable to you, then I say: the more unreasonable you are, the more incredible the results!

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