A Walk in the Park!

From Lenore in Yonkers, NY

A Walk in the Park!

I walked just over 7 miles on Sunday. I started that Sunday morning out knowing I’d do at least 3. A mile in, it hit me: I have at least 7 in me and I’m going for it. Several miles into it the rains came. It was unmistakable in the intention to give me, the trees and all a good soaking and it was beautiful! Dripping green canopy of glorious plants, trees, flowers and one lone blue clad walker. I made it through all 7, squishy sneakers and all!

A few weeks ago on a drive with my husband I heard an ad for the Avon39 a 39.3 mile walk over 2 days to raise funds and awareness to cure breast cancer. It called to me and by the time we reached our destination, I knew it was for me. I have learned and witnessed and experienced what being of service is by taking part in Ariel and Shya’s Transformational workshops in NY and abroad, Monday Night Alive! evenings and in Costa Rica. This Avon39 opportunity fits right in and funny thing, just like it’s often been said about the workshops, it’s benefits started when I signed up!

I started training my body – and mind, quite frankly – for the challenge. Along the way, I am sharing my passion for the training and the cause and amazingly some incredible people choose to join in. Team Transformation is born. Jen Nekuda, Judy Mines, Bel Davis and Christina Sayler and I are thrilled to be putting feet to pavement to support others in having all that’s possible.

Our passions have been about possibility and being of service in one way or another for a while now, each in our own way, with transformation being the starting point.

Big thanks for all the donations we have already received! If you would like to donate, we would love to have your support. Avonwalk.org/goto/teamtransformation, click on that donate now button and be a part of our marathon and a half 2 day journey to “crush breast cancer!” Thank You in advance! We are loving this adventure.

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Lenore, your passion about this event ignited something in me. When you first mentioned the 39 mile walk, I was intrigued and wanted to join. But then my rational side took over and told me that I couldn’t and shouldn’t do this. I have not even walked a half marathon, what makes me think I can do 39 miles? But if there is one thing I have learned by taking workshops with Ariel and Shya Kane is that anything is possible. Really, anything! And that my sensible, rationale mind can keep me from going for my passion! When I listen to this part of myself, I miss out on all the exiting new opportunities that life has to offer! My truth is that I do have a passion for transformation and for beating cancer and for walking more miles than I have before! So, I am joining you now!

So inspiring to read both of your comments, thank you for sharing your passion!

As I am parusing this blog for the first time my heart is warmed by Lenores picture and her story. I am so inspired by her and am now going for “walks” with her that are challenging and enlightening. I am grateful for our life together and for our Transformational community that was started and guided by Ariel and Shya Kane. Oh yes, Lenore is the first person I met at my first seminar lead by Ariel and Shya, and we married a few years later. This, and So many delightful and unanticipated gifts have come to me out of my participation in the Kane’s workshops!
I’m inviting all of you who are interested in exploring new possibilities of fun and satisfaction to come to the Creativity and Intuition workshop July 29-31. Living a satisfying life woven together with fun and creativity can be yours and much more that you haven’t even imagined 🙂
You can register for Creativity and Intuition at TransformationMadeEasy.com