Writer’s Release

  • agree to provide ASK Productions, Inc. (“ASK”) a written article (“the article”) that is between 750 and 2,000 words in length (approximately). If ASK includes the article in its next published book (“the Book”), I will receive 5 paperback copies of the Book. If ASK does not include the article in the Book, ASK may publish the article in their electronic or on-line blog, or their Premium Excellence Club, or in some other form, and I agree that I will not be compensated. The article, if used in any manner, will be credited by referring to my first name and the first initial of my last name, and may include my occupation. In the event that ASK wishes to include my last name, they will only do so after obtaining my written consent.

    I agree that ASK shall own the copyright and all other rights of any kind to the article throughout the world. I agree that the article shall be entirely the property of ASK, in perpetuity, throughout the universe, under copyright and otherwise, free of any claim whatsoever, financial or otherwise. ASK shall be entitled to register copyright of the article in its name alone and may use, or not use, any of the article, and modify it as ASK deems appropriate.

    I agree that ASK shall have the perpetual right to use the article in any manner or media, including magazine excerpts and audiobooks, anywhere in the world, and may authorize and license others to do so as ASK determines, without my receiving compensation of any kind, other than that provided for in this release.

    I represent that I am of full legal age (18 years or older) and have the right to enter into this agreement, that I have read the release and understand its contents, and that the article is original to me and has not been previously sold or published.

    By typing my name above, placing my initials in the space provided below, typing today’s date and clicking “Submit” I confirm that I agree to the terms of this writer’s release.

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