The Kitten Chronicles: When are Chores Not?

By Ariel and Shya Kane
Baby under purple sheets

The Kitten Chronicles: When are Chores Not?

Baby has transformed our approach to day-to-day activities – formerly known as chores. Each day as we make the bed, she rushes to join in. She loves to take part, pouncing on the sheets and happily being covered by the blanket, only to leap out as we fold it back for the great reveal.

We don’t know about you, but from time-to-time at night, brushing our teeth has felt like an effort. Sometimes, when tired, standing in front of the sink and performing that task has even felt burdensome. But that’s no longer the case…

Baby loves water. Well, she mainly loves the idea of water and the sound of it running. When we turn on the tap preparing to wash our face or brush our teeth at end of day, she gallops in from wherever she has been lounging and leaps to the counter to take part. She may bat at the stream of water with a paw, only to recoil because it’s wet. Or she will poke forward with her nose, repelled when droplets touch her whiskers. But on occasion she will drink from the tap, head craned as she perches on the counter.

Fascinated by the little kitty in the sink drain, she frequently paws the stopper, perhaps in hopes of having the kitten come out and play. The end of our shower has become playtime also. She loves to race up to the shower door to watch the cascade of water droplets as we use a squeegee to dry it off.

Baby’s delight has become our own. Activities formerly folded into the fabric of our day have become highlighted events and now those everyday experiences have become vibrant, colorful and alive.

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