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The Transformational Moments blog is an online forum where people can share their everyday experiences of transformation and living the moment. Writing a post or comment is an opportunity to express yourself and connect with others – like standing up at one of the Kanes’ seminars, calling into their radio show / podcast Being Here, or participating in a Say YES to Your Life! Meetup – except it’s on the internet!

Submission Information

  • Successes, inspiring experiences and insights related to the information on this website are welcome.
  • Information about upcoming events in the transformational community (Say YES to Your Life! Meetups, etc.) will be included in the Community Bulletin blog post, published on the 1st of each month.  To be included in the bulletin, please submit your information at least one week in advance.
  • After your post is submitted, it will be reviewed by our blog editors, who will be in touch with you within 2-3 business days from the submission date.
  • All posts are moderated and may be edited for grammar and readability.
  • Comments are welcomed on each post, so please check back on your post after it is published and feel free to reply to comments you receive.

For German Speakers:

  • If you are a German speaker who is also fluent in English, please write your submission in German and also in English.
  • If you are a German speaker and are most comfortable writing in German, please write your submission in German and it will also be translated to English.

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