The Kitten Chronicles: Intuition

The Kitten Chronicles: Intuition

Recently one of our clients commented that she loves how we use anecdotes of what is currently happening in our lives to support her. In early June, we adopted a beautiful little kitten whom we have named Baby. She’s a delight. Not only does Baby have us wrapped around her little paw, her presence has woven its way through many of our daily insights.

We are happy to share our experiences with you. Hope you enjoy this simple series: The Kitten Chronicles.

Ariel & Shya Kane


By Shya Kane

We were at a choice point. Ariel looked at me and said, “Are we doing this or not? If yes, then let’s do it. If not, I’ll put it all away and stop thinking about it. Either way is fine. I just want to stop thinking about getting a kitten.”

Baby the kitten showing markingsSo, we sat together at her computer and pulled up Petfinder. Ariel had favorited several pictures. Last time we’d looked, we were not sure – and now we were. A few pictures in – after a grey kitten with a white nose, a little Maine Coon with white paws – there she was. I recognized her, not by her sweet face (and it was sweet) but by her belly. The markings. They were special. She was the one.

Like an arrow loosed, Ariel filled in the online application and then, in a belt and suspenders move, she contacted the shelter by email saying, “Okay, so I JUST sent in the application, but is this kitten still available? Her markings really speak to us.”

That night, we got the call, the kitten would be ours and we could pick her up the following day. Sitting on the couch with Ariel that night, my eyes moistened – not a manly reaction to be sure. “I loved the markings on her belly.” I said. “She looks so sweet.”

Baby the kitten in bedThe kitten is sweet. So sweet in fact, we considered calling her Sweetie. But after days of stroking her fur and speaking to her and calling out, “Hey baby” and “How’s my baby?” interspersed with “What a sweetie,” ultimately Baby is her name.

Is it possible to read tea leaves, read messages in the clouds, or see a kitten’s disposition from markings on her fur? I don’t know. Intuitively speaking though, I feel the answer is yes.

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Love your story! Makes me smile ! Warmly, Elke

YES! so sweet 🙂

I feel so much joy with you and your lovely kitten Baby.

Aaaah how adorable! I have a weakness for kitties. I had one come into my life almost a year ago and I am in love with him. Will look forward to reading more of the Kitten Chronicles! Mine brings me so much joy. My son has our old cat and he has helped him navigate such difficult times in his life.

Thank you for sharing xo

So sweet! Love how you picked her – or how she picked you:-) She’s lucky she found you.

So incredibly intuitive and “meant to be”. I wept with the sweetness of it. So special. Looking forward to the Chronicles. I am sure she will provide adventurous inspiration for us all.

❤️! I can only say yes, of course?! And isn‘t life magnificent?, especially around you and a kitten named baby?!