The Art of Relating

We all wish to relate with others with a sense of intimacy and personal satisfaction but most of us have never been taught how to access this state of harmony and well-being. When you discover how to be present in every day moments, as if each and everything you do matters, then you will experience the simplicity and awesome nature of life.

Through discussions and laughter you will discover how to relate to colleagues, friends, and loved ones in a more honest and natural way, be satisfied in all areas of your life and remain centered during life’s challenges. In The Art of Relating you will discover how to feel good in your own skin and how to relate in a fulfilling way with everyone and everything, including and perhaps most especially, with yourself.



Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 10 – 12, 2016
Time: Friday, 7pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9:45am-6pm
Fee: $475


Location: Skyline Hotel
725 Tenth Ave. at 49th Street – Penthouse Ballroom, New York, NY

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