Excellence, Well-Being & Satisfaction:
The Art of Being Yourself

Wouldn’t it be great to have the experience that every moment and everything you do matters? Where second guessing yourself becomes a thing of the past as living your life to the fullest becomes the norm?

This weekend seminar will allow you to have a direct experience of your innate ability to live a magnificent, fulfilling life – to feel well in yourself with consistency, regardless of the circumstances. There are no rules to follow, no systems to practice. Rather, you will discover you are already capable and that you make a difference. If you are interested in experiencing extraordinary results in your life and having it all with ease, this course is for you.

“Attending the Kane‘s workshops has – and continues to – transform my life in the most beautiful and magnificent ways. I wouldn’t miss one!”
–  Menna V., Cambridge, England



This course has past, but you can find an upcoming seminar near you on our Event Calendar.

For more detailed information about other payment methods and for location, contact Menna de sa Barreto: +44 (0)7715511260 or uk@ask-inc.com. In the US contact the Kanes directly.

Lodging: For assistance with lodging please contact Menna de sa Barreto directly: +44 (0)7715511260 or uk@ask-inc.com. A £10 booking fee will apply.


Location: The University Centre
Granta Place, Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RU

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