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KanesCroppedThis multi-media package has been created specially for you. Reading, watching and listening to its contents will open the door to living in the moment and give you a Taste of Excellence and Instantaneous Transformation – Ariel & Shya Kane’s revolutionary approach that has supported millions of people in discovering how to have more satisfying lives without working on themselves or their “problems.”

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  • Video “Mini-Session”

    A light-hearted and enlightening conversation with Ariel & Shya

  • Exclusive Article

    An everyday story of Instantaneous Transformation

  • Featured Q&A

    Ariel & Shya offer insights and answers about real-life challenges

  • 2 Special Bonus Videos

    Individuals from all over the world share examples of Practical Enlightenment

  • 1 Special Bonus Audio

    Ariel & Shya and their guests discuss achieving your goals and being in the moment on their top-rated Internet radio show Being Here

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