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I listen to Being Here during my walks to and back from work! It’s fun! – Pei Sia, Sydney, Australia

Being Here with Ariel & Shya Kane

Listening during lunch breaks or on a warm evening swinging in the hammock. It’s always inspiring and energizing. – Stefanie, Hamburg, Germany

I subscribe to the podcast and it downloads automatically! I went back and listened to every episode!!!! – Eric, Brooklyn, NY

I listen in the archives and on my laptop. Afterwards, I very often have the urge to share the episode with my friends, which I also enjoy doing. – Victoria, Aalborg, Denmark

Ariel and Shya are great company during an otherwise solo stroll. I also love live shows. I even call in sometimes when I listen live. – Lenore, Montclair, NJ

I have always wanted to call in on a radio show and win something and today I got that chance. The Kanes made me feel so relaxed and comfortable – like I have known them forever – and what a tremendous present I got back for listening to the show and the whole experience.
-Susan H.

Wow! I was listening to the Kane’s radio show Being Here yesterday and what they said just completely shifted how I was approaching work. The Kanes were discussing the idea that how you treat your environment is how you are treating yourself in that moment, and that sometimes just taking care of your environment can radically shift how you feel. I looked around at the mess I had allowed to accumulate in my studio, making it a place I did not want to be. I cleaned it up in a matter of minutes, and within a few hours I had completed one of the most beautiful designs I have ever made. I am very proud of it and I just want to say thank you! It may seem like a small idea, but what an impact, they are so right on.
-Elizabeth W., Brookyln, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation on the radio show today. One of the things I find most remarkable about what you do is the way you seem to hear not only the question, but also all the unspoken subtext. Your response often addresses the issue in a way that at first seems only peripherally related to the question but ultimately gets to the heart of the matter. Whenever I think I know how you might respond, you surprise me, and I come away with an awareness that’s much more useful than what I’d been seeking through my question. It’s as if my question is an open door into my mind that you step through to address all the other stuff that the door was too small to let out. It’s very cool, but more than that, it’s very flattering, and touching, that you listen with such care.
-Jacques C., New York City

The Internet Radio Show with Ariel & Shya Kane is my “weekly treat.” The show pulls me straight back into the moment. What I like most about it is the obvious fun and humor Ariel and Shya approach life with. They help me to relax, to look at things with ease and not to take myself too seriously. I feel energized and very positive after each show.
-Karin R., Cologne, Germany

Listening to Being Here while getting ready for work this morning had a huge impact on the quality of my day: I took more care with the things I usually rush through, enjoyed my interactions with people much more and felt a deep sense of satisfaction and ease with everything I did. Transformation really is instantaneous! Not only is Being Here insightful and engaging, you come away with a new and exciting possibility for more satisfaction, well being and less stress in yourlife.
-Valerie P., New Jersey

Wow, life is wonderful! Transformation is awesome! I was off balance the last couple of days. At the moment I am directing a show and the opening night will be on Friday. The last rehearsals weren’t going “my way.” One actor was second guessing all my ideas and I hurt myself with it. Today I listened to Ariel and Shya’s Being Here radio show on “Creativity & Intuition” and for the first time I really heard: “everything you resit persists.” And I started to laugh. Here we go! And now I am excited to go back to work and just have fun!
-Heike W., Cologne, Germany

When I was working recently in Hong Kong, I was feeling lonely. Here I was in a magnificent hotel on Hong Kong harbor (amazing lights as it was night time) and I wasn’t happy! So I connected to the Internet and downloaded a few shows. Then I listened to them in my wonderful room and felt so blessed and connected! I listened to several shows and loved each one. Was so great to hear both of your voices! A real treat! I also loved hearing the callers.
-Corinne M., New York City

I love Being Here. Listening to it always puts a smile on my face, it supports me to stay centered and well in my life day in – day out. While listening to the show about completions with your parents, I could see my own incompletions with my mother and how they appear everywhere in my life. Since then my relationship with her is softer and more relaxed than it ever was and my business is running more smoothly and is more successful. Thank you for a beautiful radio show.
-Stefanie Lück, Germany

Just want to say thank you for having me on the show today. It was fun! Your radio show is really fantastic. By the way, last night, when I was hanging out with my friends, I started to come down with a cold. This morning I felt achy and I had a bit of a scratchy throat. But after talking with both of on the show today, I felt totally well. Cool! Thanks!
-Michael S.

I just heard your radio show “Transformation in the Workplace.” It was brilliant. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you and the participants through the radio. Before I heard the show I felt unmotivated and exhausted. NOW it is incredible, I feel great and I am really looking forward going to work right now and being where I am instead of thinking “this isn’t it.”
-Katja D., Hamburg, Germany

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