The Kitten Chronicles: My Fly Tying Buddy

By Shya Kane

The Kitten Chronicles: My Fly Tying Buddy

While fly fishing can be a solitary pursuit, tying fishing flies is even more so. When Ariel and I moved into our home a couple of decades ago, we designated a small area off the office as my fly tying area. In general, even though I am close enough to converse with Ariel when she is at her computer, once I sit in my chair to spin thread and feathers and fur into a fishing fly, I am on my own. Except, not now.

In June 2020 Baby came into our lives and I quickly discovered that my fly tying nook was a source of creativity and wonder, not only for me, but also for her. Before I knew it, Baby supported my organizational skills as anything I left out became an invitation as something for her to play with. It’s amazing how quickly an item set aside and forgotten was claimed as a new and conquerable toy. Oh sure, there was a brief period of frustration as my fly tying buddy and I got better acquainted. An unstoppable force if left alone, soon she learned how to open and rifle through the drawers. I quickly came to depend on painter’s tape to secure the drawers when I am not there.

So now, she comes and joins me. She likes to sit in the midst of my tools and thread and watch the goings on. Just so long as she is a part of it, she is content. And then there are the times she steps down on my lap and all other pursuits are quickly forgotten as petting a purring become our mutual delight.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined having a fly tying buddy such as her.

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