Legal Professionals

Since 1987, internationally acclaimed authors and seminar leaders Ariel & Shya Kane have provided individual coaching, personal development, professional development and executive excellence courses. They have successfully worked with legal professionals, including law departments, in-house counsel for large organizations, solo practitioners, and lawyers serving the court system. These collaborations have resulted in increased productivity and efficiency, and reduced stress in the workplace. Over their 30+ year career of leading seminars and working with individuals and businesses, the Kanes have developed a rich collection of resources, including over 600 podcasts, a database of articles, numerous videos and six award-winning books.

The Kanes’ approach to workplace productivity and transformation is a highly effective, unique exploration into the nature of communication, with a focus on listening. Using an anthropological approach, their programs serve as non-judgmental laboratories that reveal and help to dissolve those common, unaware, and reflexive behaviors that are counterproductive in a professional environment. As a result, legal professionals have been able to successfully manage high caseloads, consistently produce excellent results, all while enjoying a sense of well-being and satisfaction in their careers.

EricaThrough working with Ariel & Shya Kane, my communication and leadership skills as an in house lawyer have both grown exponentially. I run multi-billion dollar patent litigations for a Fortune 150 company, which means leading teams of 25-30 lawyers and accompanying staff. Working with the Kanes has enabled me to lead from a place of firm yet calm strength and deliver messages clearly and calmly under high pressure deadlines and other challenging circumstances. I have also been entrusted to manage a very large workload as I’ve learned to listen to what needs to happen rather than just put my head down and ‘do.’ The art of ‘being’ has provided me the presence of mind to know just what to do, when to do it, and how to achieve my company’s goals.Erica Olson, Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property & Litigation, Amgen

JoeParticipating in the Kanes’ seminars has dramatically shifted my experience working as an attorney for one of the busiest appellate courts in the nation. Through their nonjudgmental approach, I’ve learned to listen to and communicate with my colleagues in a more effective manner. I’ve also learned to meet the rigorous demands of my job with a sense of ease and satisfaction.Joseph Sorrentino, Supervisor, Motions Department, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department, Brooklyn, NY

Through interactive dialog, practical demonstrations and exercises, participants discover their own abilities as effective communicators, and have a direct experience of how to foster teamwork and communicate in a natural, straightforward way with Judges, colleagues, staff and clients. Key benefits include:

  • Ability to operate as both a leader and a team player.
  • Greater personal effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the demands of a large caseload.
  • Expanded ability to respond to the needs of superiors and co-workers.
  • Greater rapport with managers, co-workers, and staff.
  • Greater job satisfaction and sense of self-expression.
  • Less job related stress.

EricWorking with the Kanes has helped me slow down and truly listen to judges, clients, and opposing counsel. I am a better negotiator, advisor, and litigator because I’m able to drop my agenda in a moment and see what is truly needed and wanted. The end result is a more relaxed experience for everyone involved, more successful results, and happier clients.Eric W. Ruben, Eric Ruben Law, Member, Appellate Panel for the Committee for Public Counsel Services

JodiThrough Ariel & Shya Kane’s principles of transformation, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the responsibility of a large caseload has disappeared and I complete all tasks on time and with ease.Jodi Zagoory, Esq.

JudyMy ability to listen diffuses potentially contentious situations and transforms them into a partnership.Judy Mines, Senior Business Development Executive, RVM Enterprises Inc.

JuttaThrough working with the Kanes, my work as a lawyer is much more satisfying and productive. I enjoy listening to my clients and coordinating with them to support the legal aspects of their business. I have gotten quicker, more efficient and at the same time more aware of the important details and the unsaid words ‘between the lines’.Jutta Westerburg, Head of Commercial Law, Holiday Experiences, TUI Group

ElenaParticipating in Ariel and Shya’s seminars allowed me to recognize pitfalls that limit productivity, such as complaining about too much work or difficult counter-parties, etc. Once I started recognizing these patterns, solutions appeared rather than complaints and issues resolved with less effort and time.Elena Ravich, Esq., Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Compass, MS in RE Finance & Investments, Certified Negotiations Expert

Legal professionals are invited to participate in Creativity & Intuition, The Power of Listening or any of the Kanes’ upcoming seminars. For more information, visit their New York Ciy / New Jersey Seminars page.