How to Submit a Listener Spotlight Recording for Being Here

Thank you for your interest in sharing your voice with our listeners. It’s simple and easy to create an audio recording. Here are the details:


What to record

  • Start by saying your first name and city, state or country. For example: 
    • “This is Lenore in Montclair, New Jersey…” 
    • “My name is Heike from Cologne, Germany…” 
    • “Hi, it’s Steve here in New York City…”.
  • Pick one thing to talk about (we know there could be many), such as how listening to Being Here, attending seminars with Ariel & Shya, or transformation in general has impacted your life. Listener Spotlights will all be short and sweet (15 seconds – 1 minute in length), so feel free to record more than one!


How to record – Here’s a little video with the points below to show how easy it is to sound great.

  • Record yourself in a quiet space using the Voice Memos app on your smartphone or any other recording tool you like.
  • Hold your phone up near your mouth approximately 6 inches away. This gives you a good distance for recording.
  • No need to worry about doing it right or saying something “important” – feel free to be spontaneous.
  • Most IMPORTANTLY: Have fun! You already rock!


Ready to submit your recording?

Visit the Being Here page and complete the “SHARE MY EXPERIENCE” form.