The Kitten Chronicles: Gosh I Like You

By Ariel Kane

The Kitten Chronicles: Gosh I Like You

I was standing in front of Baby who was sleeping peacefully on her cat tree. Suddenly, out of my mouth popped a startling statement, “Gosh I like you.” Perhaps this sentiment doesn’t sound startling to you, but the word “gosh” isn’t part of my current vernacular. It was when I was young, though.

When I was a girl, in my family, cursing was forbidden. My sisters and I got around this restriction by saying words like “gosh” and “darn”. While watching Baby snooze, I was spontaneously transported back to an earlier time, a time of childlike wonder and innocence. An era when this statement was an unabashed expression of love.

In that moment, I felt young and new. Before moving away I lightly stroked Baby’s fur so as not to disturb her rest.

What a sweet, sweet foundation for relationships I now enjoy. Later that night, I smiled as I whispered in Shya’s ear, “Gosh I like you.”

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