Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment

Sounds like a novel idea, doesn’t it? Most of us have the idea that the attainment of enlightenment or self-realization has to be arduous and take a long time but what if that notion simply isn’t true?

The middle word in enlightenment is “light” and to approach enlightenment one needs a lightness of spirit. It is not serious or hard work. This course does not require meditation or any other self-improvement technique. It only requires your willingness to have fun.

“Attending the Kane’s workshops has – and continues to – transform my life in the most beautiful and magnificent ways. I wouldn’t miss one!”
–  Menna V., Cambridge, England

“Before I met the Kanes I was convinced that I couldn’t be successful and have fun. Now I am convinced that I can’t be truly successful without having fun!”
–  Lenore Pemberton – Sign Language Interpreter & Assistant Costume Designer

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The University Centre
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What People Are Saying About Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment