The Kitten Chronicles: Cat Nap

By Ariel Kane
Ariel & Baby the Kitten on desk

The Kitten Chronicles: Cat Nap

The desktop to my left looked very inviting. It was still covered with the purple fleece blanket we had spread across it before recording our latest podcast. Our friend Walt had mentioned that surfaces that weren’t hard or smooth would help our microphone sound best as sound waves bounce straight up from our wooden desk, causing an echoing quality, whereas a softer surface wouldn’t. And right now that blanket sure looked soft.

I had been at the computer for quite some time and now I was spent. Harkening back to my early school days when naptime was a must for all of us in first and second grade, I swiveled my chair and laid my head on the desk, my arms nestling around it.

Suddenly I felt a weight. Baby had jumped onto my shoulders from the desk. Perhaps I looked soft and inviting, too. With a laugh, I picked up my phone as the kitten picked her way towards it. Realizing that my bed would be a better napping place after all, I scooped up Baby and brought her downstairs with me. Laying back with a purring bundle under my arm, we both eventually settled down and had a sweet and lovely cat nap.

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