Experience the joy of living

Being Moved By Life

February 27 – 28, 2021 | Living Made Easy: Virtual Seminar

“Life is made up of unimportant moments that are important if you are there for them.” – Ariel & Shya Kane

Being moved by life gets lost in the attempt to get somewhere you think is better than this moment. This virtual weekend seminar with award-winning authors Ariel and Shya Kane will allow you to relax into what is truly important: your experience of living, where life is vibrant and alive — right here, right now.

In this seminar, you will

  • Free yourself from stress and recharge your batteries
  • Reconnect with your ability to experience childlike wonder
  • Fall into the moment where well-being and satisfaction reside
  • Transform your ability to relate


Being Moved By Life

Feb. 27 – 28, 2021 | Living Made Easy: Virtual Seminar

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