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The Premium Excellence Club contains specially designed support tools for you to connect with and renew your experience of transformation – all in an easy-to-access online format.

The Premium Excellence Club Is Perfect For You If:

  • You want to make Instantaneous Transformation an ongoing part of your day by having valuable tools right at your fingertips
  • You have commitment to excellence and well-being
  • You want to experience Instantaneous Transformation with consistency
  • You attend the Kanes’ workshops and want additional ways to create expansion in your life
  • You have read Ariel & Shya’s books and want access to their latest offerings

Premium Excellence Club membership includes these exclusive benefits:

A New Video Each Week

These special weekly videos are made available to subscribers only and feature questions from real people about real life situations. Get weekly insights and answers to questions you may not even know you have – delivered to your inbox! See a Weekly Video:

The Last Three Weeks of Videos

In addition to the weekly videos, you will be able to watch and listen to the last three weeks of videos to enjoy them again and again.

The Premium Article of the Month

The Kanes have written five award-winning books, as well as many enlightening articles. And now they have even more to share! In addition to the articles released to the public, you will receive articles written especially for you as a Premium Excellence Club member. You will have access to these articles months, or even years, before the general public. The Kanes are your partners in excellence and through their articles, you will be able to tap into the power they offer. You’ll see why David Riklan, Founder of says, “Astounding…if you’re looking for enlightenment, then you need look no further.”

Premium Article of the Month Archive

You will have access to the last 2 months of Premium Articles.

A Monthly Q&A with Ariel & Shya

Each month, Ariel & Shya will answer at least one subscriber’s question.
As a Premium Excellence Club member, you can submit your questions directly in your subscriber area.
New Q&As will be released the third week of each month.

Monthly Q&A Archive

You will have access to the last 2 months of Q&As.

You will also receive these bi-monthly Excellence Club member updates, which include:

In the News

Details about upcoming workshops, International conference calls, news and events.

The Kanes’ Popular Internet Radio Show Being Here

This show has been rated the #1 show on the 7th Wave Network and airs live on Wednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm Central European Time & 5pm in UK. Not available on Wednesdays? No problem! Listen to archived shows anytime via the Kanes’ website.

The Latest Posts on the Transformational Moments Blog

This interactive online journal features moving, fun and inspiring stories written by real folks in the Kanes’ community who are experiencing freedom and new possibilities as they make transformation a way of life. You will be able to add your own post and comment on existing posts.

Article & Video of the Month

How Does it Work?

Once you subscribe, you can:

  • Login to your Premium Excellence Club member area anytime, day or night:
  • Roll your cursor over THE EXCELLENCE CLUB button in the top navigation bar.
  • Click on Premium Excellence Club.
  • Enter your username and password to login.

In your Premium Excellence Club member area, you can view:

  • Current week’s video, released each Sunday morning just after 12:00AM EST (and archive)
  • Premium Article of the Month (and archive)
  • Monthly Q&A (and archive)

Click on the links in your weekly email updates to access your weekly member benefits.