Transformation in the Workplace: A Communication Seminar

Transformation in the Workplace: A Communication Seminar August 15, 2007

Episode Description

Many people view the workplace as something they look forward to leaving each day, even though they spend most of their waking lives there! In this episode Ariel and Shya Kane have special guests, Hilli Monzel, Director Assistant Corporate Design at Braun Germany headquarters and B. Madhusudan, Assistant Vice President in Business Analyst in the Fixed Income Dept for Information Technology at Credit Suisse. Join The Kanes and their guests, as they discuss how to have work be fulfilling and rewarding. Listen in and discover the nuances of true communication and dissolve those unaware, knee-jerk behaviors that are counter-productive. This episode of Being Here will support you in operating at peak efficiency while having work be a highly satisfying experience.

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