Your Well-Being Resonates in Others

From Christian M. in Hamburg, Germany

Your Well-Being Resonates in Others

Dear Friends,

Recently, I was watching the latest Premium Excellence Club video and it reminded me how thrilled I am to do people’s make-up and hair before they step in front of a camera. (I am a professional hair and make-up artist.) 🙂 Simply being and engaging with people lets them forget their nervousness and fearfulness.

This month, I had the pleasure to do a famous rock musician’s makeup (he’d had a little accident and had a “shiner” eye). My first thoughts about him were how well-traveled he is, how well known and how fearless he must be – as he has worked with a lot of people and has been in the entertainment industry for years (he has won several awards for his music like Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.)

Christian2But when I met him in his hotel room, I realized how “normal” he is – he has fearful thoughts or nervousness just like anyone else. I simply saw that and my thoughts faded to the background. We had fun applying his makeup and had an awesome day at his interviews for TV shows & magazines. 🙂

Love & hugs from Hamburg, Germany!

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Very inspiring blog post K!
Thank you for sharing x

Thank you so much 🙂 x

Dear Christian, thank you for sharing this. Wht a great friend you are, not only for your friends, for everybody around you. I’m so wealthy to have you in my life. You remind me, that we all make a difference on this planet and for all the people around us.

Christian, that was wonderful to read and I had a picture of you indirectly calming him down with your way of being. Love it. Meike

Thank you for your lovely coment Meike 🙂 xx

Love and hugs to you too Christian! Sounds like you had fun being there for a new friend ! ?❤️??

Thank you! Love and hug back to you my dear friend Dorothy <3