You Make a World of Difference

Personal stories from people around the globe

You Make a World of Difference

This month, we invited folks in the community to share a moment when someone’s words, actions or invitation made a difference in their lives – and we are so pleased to share their inspirational stories with you. Enjoy!

Ariel & Shya


From Basel, Switzerland
“I’m very grateful to have met my friend and singing teacher Andrea. Through her I’ve met this wonderful community as well as the woman that I love. By allowing transformation into my life, I have started to experience life in marvelous ways, that had seemed impossible before.”




From Oxford, England
“‘There’s this thing I go to on Monday nights that you might like…it’s a group of people interested in exploring excellence in all areas of their lives. It’s a lot of fun, come along.’ At the time, sitting in Denver airport chatting with an Indian family I had met on my journey back to New York, I had no idea what a difference those words would make to my life. But they just stuck with me. It was such a disarmingly genuine invitation and came from this young man’s obvious excitement, shining out of him, about what this group offered. It made me curious. And that was all it took, and continues to take… to bring me to Ariel and Shya’s books, seminars, and radio shows as I keep discovering and rediscovering my own capacity for well-being within this wonderful community of fellow explorers!”


From Nappanee, Indiana
“I was given the book Practical Enlightenment by a friend and liked the simplicity of the message. It was a year later while I was listening to the audio version of the book that I decided to search the internet to see if the Kanes were still doing seminars. I was immediately drawn to their Costa Rica immersion courses but saw that I needed to attend a weekend seminar as a prerequisite. I attended my first seminar last October, and Costa Rica the following January. Since then life has been so much fuller and richer, I now spend most days living in the moment and embracing life as it shows up.”


From The Bronx, New York
“In a meeting at work, a team leader was complaining that her parents were to blame for her life’s problems. My colleague responded, “You can’t blame your parents for how your life turned out.” I was so struck by my colleague’s honesty, ease, and clarity. Later, I asked where she had learned such a unique way of being, and she explained that it was from the Kanes’ seminars.”



From Denver, Colorado
“I was having a really tough time in a relationship which led me to have a phone conversation with the Kanes and they invited me to come hang out with them at a workshop in NYC. I took the leap to go to NYC and I have attended many workshops since then. These days, my life and relationships have gotten much easier and I have them to thank for that!”


Jac & Jodi

From Manhattan, NY
“I discovered the wisdom of Ariel & Shya Kane through the anonymous generosity of a neighbor who left a copy of the Kanes’ book, Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work, in the laundry room of our apartment building. The Kanes’ 3 principles for living in the moment propelled me immediately to learn more. I attended a Monday night meetup and felt compelled to attend a weekend seminar. My wife, Jodi, trusted my enthusiasm, and we attended a weekend seminar on The Power of Listening. After we spent the weekend listening to the Kanes’ wisdom, and to the experiences of the wonderful people who participated, we no longer blame our past or pine for the future. We are living our lives, right here, right now.”


From Hong Kong
“Back in April 2010, I attended my first transformational seminar with Ariel & Shya Kane, flying all the way over to Hamburg, Germany from Hong Kong. Why did I fly so far? I had read the book Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work and on the evening that I finished the book, I had the best night sleep that I could ever recall. I woke up asking myself, how could this slim book have such an impact on my life? So I looked up the Kanes website, saw their seminar information and excitedly wondered: if a book could help me sleep, what would a whole weekend be like? I decided right then that I wanted to find out! That weekend was so inspiring and life-shifting that I keep going back.”


From Manhattan, NY
“I was a business owner, wife and mother but I didn’t feel satisfied and was often lost in fear of what tomorrow would bring. Amy, the owner of my website company invited me to a Monday seminar with Ariel and Shya Kane. I saw they had something to offer. I immediately signed up for the Transformation in the Workplace seminar that changed my life. I saw how I was lost in thoughts and by simply being, I could be effective. Like magic, I started handling tasks easily and dealing with things I had put off. Within 1 year, my business turned around. What a gift Amy gave me!”


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You all make a difference for ME! Thanks for sharing your words and your experiences. Reading them reminds me to keep being myself and letting others know about the things that make my life so great. 🙂

How inspiring to read experiences of Transformation from all over the globe! What an amazing gift you all have given us. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful and brilliant life is.

Wow! Reading your stories makes me smile BIG TIME! 🙂 Thank you for sharing yourselves.