Transformation in my Luggage

Transformation in my Luggage

katjaOn my way back to Germany after participating the great workshop Transformational Time and Project Management with Ariel and Shya Kane, I was at the Airport. While waiting for my flight, my iPhone dropped into the loo. I immediately took it out, held it under the hand dryer and thought that would be good. After a little while I noticed that it didn’t work correctly. Hmmh? Well, I went into the istore located at the Airport and asked what could I do. They said to buy a pack of rice and put the iPhone during the whole flight into the rice. So I went to the Asian food place and asked for rice. They gave it to me!  And then my journey went on. It was so great to notice, my thoughts went in directions like: oh my God, what if I have to buy a new one? What if all my music playlists are lost? Etc…with Transformation in my luggage I could bypass the thoughts – I smiled and engaged where I was. During the flight I heard the Music that was playing on the airplane. So cool, you know what? I discovered new music, I felt in love with and had so much fun with it. All those thoughts disapeared! In the past I would have punished myself for why this all happened to me…

Back in Hamburg I switched on the iPhone and it worked and still works perfectly!!! HORRAY! 

Transformation rocks 🙂

Thank you Ariel and Shya and all you great people of this community- you all make a difference to me.

Katja D., Hamburg, Germany

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