The Perfection

From Jac Zagoory in New York

The Perfection

—of chasing away my life!

Waiting for that moment, ignoring, forgetting; letting slip away
all the beautiful and sad ones in between.

What use is perfection, if, in its quest, the process is only
considered a chore, burden or intolerable. What if I sequester
my smile, laugh and love; until that “perfect” moment arrives, or
sadly, impossibly, never does.

Perfection can be the thief of play, joy, frivolity—where all creation,
imagination and innovation hides, while longing for that safe moment
to emerge; unjudged, wide-eyed and free.

In seeking perfection are we not pushing away what
is perfectly in front of us?

What is the use of smarts, if only used—to outsmart ourselves?

I am perfection—mine, now, here as I AM.

Perfection—is simply Being Here!

Jac Zagoory


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