The Magic of Transformation!

From Menna in Cambridge, England

The Magic of Transformation!

IMG_9477Dearest Friends,

On the weekend of July 3rd Ariel & Shya brought the Art of Relating to Cambridge and it was simply magical!! Life had been beautiful before, the best I’d ever experienced it, but during the weekend a whole world of possibilities opened up for me and life became BIG and bright and amazing!! So many incredible sychronicities and opportunities have happened since – also I find myself relating with people, especially strangers (with whom I’ve often felt shy) with an effortless ease I’ve not felt before.

One of the things I experienced over the weekend was the desire to come to more workshops! My mum, Vicky, who also attended, told me afterwards: “I just want to come to them all!” I agreed 🙂 I’m already coming to Hamburg in October, for Money, Success & Happiness, & Costa Rica, but now I’m also coming to New York in September for Transformation in the Workplace! I had been telling myself I “couldn’t afford it” but I’d forgotten that when I’m unreasonable, when I go for what I want, I always end up making more money! This certainly happened last year, when I went to two New York workshops, two Hamburg workshops, one in Cambridge & Costa Rica – I made more money than I’d ever made before – very cool!

After the Art of Relating, I gave an amaaaazing Writing Made Easy workshop – it was so much fun & inspiring & all my students found they could write with an ease they’d never experienced before, it was very cool!! Ariel & Shya are kindly supporting me in offering another writing workshop in New York!

Date: Tuesday, 22nd Sep.
Time: 7-10pm
Cost: $75
Location: TBC.

“If you want to write with ease, express yourself in the written word and have it be fun and effortless, we recommend you hire Menna van Praag. Producing our latest book, Practical Enlightenment, was a joy with her support. She is worth every pound.” Ariel & Shya Kane

Isn’t that lovely? 🙂 I invite you to join me at Transformation in the Workplace & Hamburg & Costa Rica! &, if you’re already coming, I look forward to seeing you there! If you’d like to attend my Writing Made Easy class just let me know in the comment below & I’ll assist you in registering. Many thanks!

LOTS of Love,

Menna xox

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