The Kitten Chronicles: The Secret Life of Cats

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: The Secret Life of Cats

Baby has a secret life. She prowls the house and rearranges the “furniture” when we aren’t looking. In particular, she has a clutch of toys that move about, apparently on their own. After leading a zoom seminar, we may find the orange fox toy deposited behind our chairs. Without that bright piece of evidence, we’d have no clue that she’d been there. Sometimes the blue raccoon will be placed in a corner, while the purple one sits mid room and all the while the orange fox waits patiently for kibble next to Baby’s food bowl.

Each morning when we awaken, we get a peak into Baby’s secret life as we find new toy configurations throughout the house.

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? Sweet! She will have her own stories to all her actions. Would like to know them! Just think of my 3years old granddaughter, watching her playing alone with her toys and talking to them….