The Kitten Chronicles: The Purr-fect Relationship Coach

By Zoe in Manhattan

The Kitten Chronicles: The Purr-fect Relationship Coach

I recently hired a relationship coach. He’s dark and handsome, but not very tall. Actually, his name is Handsome and he’s a gorgeous panther-like black kitten I recently adopted.

Our first night together was a little rocky. He alternated between hiding under my bed, behind my desk or inside of my closet. At one point I couldn’t find him at all and spent a few sleepless hours wondering if I’d lost my shy new kitty on my very first night as his guardian.

The next day, I tried everything to get him to come out of his shell – lobster flavored treats (yum!), jingly feather toys, and even an adorable cat tunnel that friends had gifted me. Nothing worked. He kept his distance and didn’t want to play or even eat treats. Eventually, I got engaged with what I was up to, forgetting about Handsome and listening to my friends during a Global Video Seminar on Zoom. Then, completely unexpectedly, I felt a soft furry caress on my ankle…there was Handsome wanting a little attention! He jumped into my lap and gently bumped my chin with his nose.

Ever since then, our relationship has been sweet and effortless. Sometimes he wants attention and I give it freely, other times he wants to be left alone and I take his cues if I’m wise! The more I let him be exactly as he is and engage in my life fully, the more available I am for his furry affection when it’s offered. The more I include him as an important part of my life rather than focus on him as if he is my life, the happier we both are.

I am learning so much about relationships from Handsome. I’ve discovered through him that letting someone (whether feline or human) be exactly as they are and exactly as they are not is a great way to foster a loving, kind and respectful relationship.

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Wow, loved this story. Thank you for sharing Mr Handsome with us.