The Kitten Chronicles: No Choice

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: No Choice

When we first got Baby, she was still a kitten and it had been decades since we had a cat. So much has changed since then. When we last had a feline friend we were living in New York City and now we are in rural New Jersey. From cat food to kitty litter, there were so many new choices and we had no idea where to start. So we asked friends and thankfully they let us know what their pets enjoyed and even loaned us a cat carrier for transporting Baby to her new home.

Finding a veterinarian was a bit daunting, too, not because they are rare, but because there were so many to choose from within a short distance from our home. We searched online (also something not available in the 80s), read lots of reviews and chose Dr. Ross by following our gut.

For more than a year we never met Dr. Ross in person, but Baby did. For shots and checkups, we brought her to the vet clinic and a staff member brought her inside as they followed distancing protocols due to the pandemic. Then Dr Ross phoned us to follow up after each visit and to answer any questions.

One night, we had some extra “people food” and we thought that Baby might like it as a treat. So we chopped it up fine and put some in her bowl. But shortly thereafter, she became a picky eater, turning up her tail and refusing to eat.

Dr. Ross cleared that up for us when we had our next chat. He recommended that “treats” be limited to kisses and cuddles and regarding food, choose something she likes and stick with it.

“If you give her a choice,” he said, “you train her to be picky. She doesn’t need variety. Variety leads to confusion.”

Shortly thereafter we gave away the extra varieties of food and stuck to one flavor and brand of wet food and one of kibble. Now, Baby always has a healthy appetite. She knows what to expect and eats when she is hungry.

Simplicity at its best.

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Cats can be very different.! I adopted Golda when she was two years old. I offered her canned cat food and she refused to touch it. To this day, and she is now a senior citizen, she will eat any dry cat food but never moist or canned food. nor people food. Now she is on a special diet, of dry food because of health issues. Have you ever found a way to get Baby to take medicine? Golda refuses to take any kind of medicine.
I once had a cat who liked to play with green peas. Whenever we were eating them, he would knock some peas off our plate onto the floor and play with them. He never ate them., he just batted them around with his paws.!

Dear Ariel & Shya
How I love this story and the simplicity of it:-)! Thank you for the reminder of the simplicity of life:-)))!
Love and lots of cuddles from me and my two kitties,

Hi Elaine, Thank you for sharing with us about Golda and also your pea loving cat! We haven’t had to give Baby much in the way of medicine but when we do we wrap her in a towel first – she feels more secure and tends to get docile and cannot use her paws (or claws) to be in control. Funny thing about synchronicity – this “How to get your cat to take medicine” article from Rover appeared in our inbox today. It looks pretty extensive:

Hope this helps – cheers! Ariel and Shya