The Kitten Chronicles: My Kitty Conduit

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: My Kitty Conduit

Being with Baby is often a time of silence, a moment to slow down and stroke her fur. When I’m fully involved with something at my computer, not wanting anything from her nor needing her attention, she’ll often take the opportunity to climb down into my lap. These moments are an invitation to stop and simply be.

Sometimes I lay upon the bed in the afternoon to read a book. This is Baby’s favorite time to jump up, make her way up my torso and look me in the eye before reversing course to lay on my legs, her head facing my feet. And when I am with her, in the silence, she becomes a conduit to the wider world, a connection to the ethos:

Not long ago I had a dream and in this dream I was on the phone with my folks. Although my mother passed away in 2019 and my father’s dementia is so severe he can no longer hold onto his thoughts, in this dream I heard their voices. Mom was holding the receiver, which was black, a landline from the 60s or 70s, and dad was standing behind her. As a dream state will allow, I could hear them quite clearly and could vaguely see them both also – he with his hands upon her shoulders.

In this conversation, I told them all about Baby, how she likes to tap my face with her paw or gently nibble my ear or nip the bridge of my nose at night. They laughed and said it sounded delightful. They were happy for me. As the dream state faded and I felt myself emerging from behind my closed eyes, I was moved. How sweet it was to hear mom’s voice once again, for even the few recordings I have of her are but pale facsimiles. It was quite lovely to have my dad fully back with me as well.

Their voices are faded once again but the dream was so real, so true – one of the truest I’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps psychic events are made room for simply by being in the presence of a cat. If this is so, I am truly grateful to my kitty conduit.

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What a beautiful story:-)! I was moved reading it and am reminded of my two kitty conduits and how grateful I am for both my Bella and Bacio:-)!
Love and many hugs to both you Ariel and Shya, and of course Baby:-)!

Liebe Ariel,
die Schilderung von Deinen Erlebnissen mit Euerem Kätzchen hat mich sehr berührt. Auch der Traum mit Deinen Eltern kam mir bekannt vor ! Es ist doch wunderbar wie diese Geistwesen uns behüten und vielleicht beobachten.
Einen lieben Gruss auch an Shya !