The Kitten Chronicles: I Missed This Shot

By Ariel Kane
Baby the kitten sitting in front of window

The Kitten Chronicles: I Missed This Shot

Some moments flash by and are gone too quickly to capture as an image with my camera. When that happens, an internal snapshot often takes place and with any luck, it is crisp and clear. A moment like that happened recently and it remains emblazoned on my mind. Let me create a word picture that paints that image for you.

It was a bright, sunny late summer morning and I was sitting at my office desk, at my computer. Shya and I were preparing to do a podcast, so he sat at his computer to the left of me. To round out this portrait, our kitten, Baby, was sitting at her office spot, the large picture windowsill next to Shya’s desk.

“Oh wow – look!” Shya exclaimed. “A hummingbird.”

I rolled back in my office chair and there he was: an iridescent, male hummingbird, apparently hanging motionless, its wings a blur, directly in front of Baby on the other side of the window. It seems that he was inspecting her and she was fascinated with him. I grabbed my iPhone off the desk and framed the shot. Realizing that the hummingbird was out of focus, I tapped the screen to change the focal point so that the bird would be the central figure. As I did, the hummer whisked away. Baby flicked her tail at his departure.

Sometimes, moments get etched on our mind’s eye rather then on our digital one. When that happens, being there for that experience is enough.

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