The Kitten Chronicles: Laundry Day

By Shya Kane

The Kitten Chronicles: Laundry Day

This blog is a little companion piece to our article of the month, Ring My Bell – Chime My Chimes.

Laundry day just got a little more fun because I have a laundry buddy.  Baby likes to knead the bedding as I strip it, making sure it is just so.  She sniffs the basket of clean things when I bring it up from the basement. She even makes sure I complete putting it away in a timely manner – for if not, she makes any basket her new comfy bed.  And mainly our kitten, now young cat, likes to be where I am.  Even if it is at a slight distance, it is lovely to have her company.  Having a buddy makes doing the laundry just that much more delightful.

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