The Kitten Chronicles: Kitty Crack

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: Kitty Crack

Baby goes crazy for kibble. 

Is it the smell she loves? The sound it makes between her teeth? The taste? Has she somehow registered that the image on the front of the bag looks almost like her?

We keep the kibble in her food room (formerly our guest bathroom) and when Baby lobbies us to give her some, she winds her way around the basket where it’s kept and rubs her cheek against the edge of the bag.  

Our veterinarian has rationed her supply to a quarter cup a day. But oh, when those crunchy bits tinkle into her food bowl, her wet food is forgotten as her ecstasy begins.

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How sweet:-)) Thank you for sharing these little Baby Story. It makes me smile and reminds me of myself about having some sweets at home!! :-**

Adorable! Dorina’s right! That’s me with my dark chocolates.

So happy to hear you are enjoying these posts!

I enjoy these lovely sounds in the video as well! 🙂