The Kitten Chronicles: Intimacy is a Gift, Not a Given

By Ariel and Shya Kane
Baby the kitten in Ariel's arms

The Kitten Chronicles: Intimacy is a Gift, Not a Given

Baby the kitten in Ariel's armsBaby is not naturally a lap kitty – at least not yet. Primarily, she likes to sit at a distance. She enjoys being near, sometimes very near, but when it comes to sitting on our laps, not so much. We have come to respect her moods and recognize that no matter how much we may want to pet her in the moment or pick her up to cuddle, it truly is up to her. With our kitten, “No” really does mean no and she has the claws to back it up. Not that she has ever had to claw us to get away. But occasionally when she uses one of us as a launch pad – such as when jumping across the bed while we are still in it, her back paws and claws will get purchase without her intention to harm.

So when she flops down near us, or rubs her head against us, and even when she extends her paws (claw free) up our legs as we are standing, it is a gift. She is alternately shy and excitable, aloof and friendly and at times she is like an Australian Shepard as she tries to herd us toward her food bowl when she feels it’s time for a meal.

Baby the kitten and Shya nappingAt the rare times that she enjoys sitting on a lap or laying on one of us when we are in bed (usually very early in the morning) we don’t take it for granted. We stop what we are doing and enjoy, knowing that her gracing us with her presence may be brief. This has become a gentle reminder not to take each other for granted either. We have found it rich and rewarding to experience the kiss in passing or the casual touch, rather than shove those moments to the background while getting on with our days.

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Sweet, sweet pic! Reminds mE of the sweet moments with my granddaughter, , when she enjoys being somewhere on or next to me while playing together!