The Kitten Chronicles: I’d Rather Hold My Cat

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: I’d Rather Hold My Cat

I was answering emails as Baby prowled my desk, chirring softly from time-to-time. She was restless and unsure where to settle.

I picked her up, but she was not inclined to stay, jumping down immediately. So, I returned to going through my inbox. Then I read an email inviting Shya and I to be part of a project with an underlying promise that if we participated, we could grow our business, we could get ahead.

As I looked at what and how to reply to this invitation, Baby returned. Gently I lifted her down into my lap and she began to purr. I held her head in the palm of my hand and she wrapped her paw around my arm, pulling it closer.

The email invitation sat waiting on my desktop. Whether or not to be a part of that particular project was obvious, my truthful answer clear. Looking down I realized, I would rather hold my cat.

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I LOVE this!! Thank you for the perfect reminder to take a look at what I want in my life and go for it!!

Thank you for sharing a sweet and precious “being here” moment!